Thursday, 26 May 2011

My landing

    That was a day when I was born......a full moon day when sacred thread is worn.I was wondering whether I should really land on this world.After a laborious search for an auspicious time hesitantly, I landed and announced my arrival by making my first loud cry.I saw  unidentifiable several faces crouched above me whispering and an elderly lady perhaps my grand mother( my mother's  mother) stout, heavy faced in red sari continued to make orders to younger ones emphasising need to act swift.
    A loud male voice from outside  almost frightened me.It was my grand father who was keen in knowing whether I was a male.A positive answer from my grand mother delighted him.Hurriedly,he noted time and date for preparing my horoscope
    He was glad that it was shravana nakshattra in makara rashi on holy full moon day.He requested my father to go and get our purohit to perform routine pooja as entire  family was to be in sootaka.
    Suddenly,hectic activities started both inside and outside the house.  Prominent and closer neighbours started flocking in the premises."Ananthanna how is the child and its mother...I am glad ..he born on such auspicious day."May father and his two younger brothers were sent to my close relatives,viz. Karsulli,Betkoppa, Kageri, Kalkuni,Kalkai etc. to announce my arrival.By evening  one after another families of relatives started flocking in.Some sent good wishes.
     The moon was brighter and fast moving up.Often, clouds covered wide range in the sky and he became invisible.I fell in great slumber thereafter.

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